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London - March 7, 2002 -- Global Name Registry, a London based technology infrastructure company, announces that global sales of .name, the world’s first Top-Level Domain (TLD) exclusively for individuals, have nearly tripled since its launch on January 15, 2002.

Registrations for annual .name domain and email products have exceeded 165,000 globally to date, despite recent speculation that the demand for domain names has waned.* The rapid uptake of .name suggests consumers are embracing the notion of a universal addressing system that makes personal communications easier and more efficient.

Andrew Tsai, CEO of Global Name Registry (GNR), comments, "These figures demonstrate that individuals around the world recognize the benefits of owning their ‘name’ online. We are committed to making .name a universal platform for future digital identity services."

Following the fourth registration period that closed on February 12th, almost one month after launch, the US ranked first in country sales followed by the UK. These two regions accounted for two-thirds of the total number of registrations. The remaining one-third of registrations was spread across both Europe and Asia, indicating that language is not a barrier for .name.

Tsai continues, "At present, the registrations of .name have followed a similar pattern to the traditional global distribution of domain uptake, with strong demand coming from the US. We are pleased with the level of interest throughout the rest of the world, and we plan to leverage this with marketing activity that brings to life the benefits of owning a .name."

To increase registration opportunities, GNR will reduce the length of future registration periods. Starting March 19th, .name registrations will be submitted and will resolve on a weekly basis until May 15th, at which time registrants will be able to search and purchase domains in real-time, using the live Shared Registry System (SRS).

*Forrester Research Europe, Andrew Parker as quoted in Revolution February 13, 2002.

As the number of personal domain names increase, the need for organizations to protect registered trademarks will also increase. To assist, GNR is re-opening the sale of Phase One Defensive Registrations, which will enable nationally-registered trademark owners to prevent their marks from being registered within the .name domain space for a period of ten years. Two levels of protection, Premium and Standard Defensive Registrations, are now available through official providers at www.name.

A Premium Defensive Registration blocks any registration that contains the specified trademark, regardless of where the trademark appears in the .name domain. A Standard Defensive Registration blocks exact registrations within the .name domain space and is ideal for a two-part company or product name.

Successful .name registrations submitted by March 19th will become effective on March 26th. Subsequent requests will be processed on a weekly basis until the commencement of live SRS on May 15th. Names legitimately registered by individuals will not be available for Defensive Registration.

For ultimate intellectual property protection, GNR offers both businesses and consumers the NameWatch service, which provides a daily, weekly or monthly report of .name domains and email addresses that contain a specific word or name.

About Global Name Registry
Global Name Registry was selected by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in November 2000 to develop, administer and market .name, the only top-level domain reserved exclusively for individuals.

Headquartered in London, The Global Name Registry, Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GNR Limited, a company founded in 1999 to provide personalised communication services. GNR Limited's investors include Carlyle Europe Venture Partners, L.P., Northzone Ventures AS, and Four Seasons Venture AS.

With extensive experience in technology infrastructure, networking, e-commerce, and security, GNR Limited intends to use the .name top-level domain as a global platform for digital identity services.

The .name products can only be purchased through ICANN-accredited registrars. An up-to-date list of Official Providers of the .name products can be found on the Global Name Registry website at www.name .



WASHINGTON, DC, March 07, 2002 –NeuStar, Inc. and the American
Arbitration Association (AAA) today announced an agreement whereby the AAA
will provide dispute resolution services for .US, America’s Internet Address,
beginning April 24, the first day that the general public will be able to register a
.US Internet address.

As part of the agreement, the AAA will provide trademark dispute resolution
services as they relate to the United States Dispute Resolution Procedure
(usDRP). These services will be available to all trademark owners who wish to
protect their intellectual property rights against those that register or use a .US
domain name in bad faith.

A panel of highly qualified AAA neutrals with extensive experience in trademark
law will be available to parties with a dispute. Disputes will be decided under the
AAA’s specially developed Supplemental Rules for Domain Name Disputes that
incorporate the Rules for Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
adopted by the United States Department of Commerce (DoC).

"We are pleased to have the AAA, a renowned leader in conflict management
services, working with NeuStar on trademark disputes as we bring an enhanced
.US to market," said Jim Casey, Director of Policy and Business Development.
"This is one of the steps we’re taking to ensure that the administration of .US
serves the public interest."

"The AAA is delighted to partner with such an innovative communications
provider as NeuStar, with a view to administering fair and effective dispute
resolution services that will help NeuStar’s customers protect their intellectual
property rights," said Debi Miller-Moore, Vice President, eCommerce Services,
American Arbitration Association.

.US Registration Schedule

The registration schedule begins with a Sunrise Period, March 4, 2002 through
April 9, 2002
, during which time owners of existing or pending U.S. trademarks
will be able to apply for .US domain names that correspond to their respective
marks. Owners of trademarks that have been registered or applied for as of July
27, 2001 with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will be eligible to apply for
.US domain names through .US-accredited companies. Only owners of existing
or pending U.S. trademarks may apply for .US domain names during the Sunrise
Period. Starting on April 24, 2002, .US-accredited companies will begin
accepting .US registrations from the general public on a first come, first served
basis. Please check the .US website, www.neustar.us, for more information on
.US dispute resolution, how to register a .US domain name, and for general
information about .US.

About NeuStar, Inc.

Based in Washington DC, NeuStar operates the dot-US registry, "America’s
Internet Address". NeuLevel, NeuStar’s subsidiary, operates the .BIZ registry,
the world’s first top-level domain dedicated exclusively to business. NeuStar also
operates the authoritative registry of all North American telephone numbers and
administers the database, which all North American carriers rely upon to route
billions of telephone calls daily. Over 4000 telecommunications and service
providers currently rely upon NeuStar’s services.

Visit NeuStar online at



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